Touch Typing

Touch typing is a vital skill for all young people with a visual impairment. Learning to navigate a keyboard without looking at the keys can be really tricky but once mastered, it will allow for greater speed when recording written work.

In order to learn to touch type, you will need a regular sized keyboard on a laptop, computer or Bluetooth linked to a tablet device. Onscreen keyboards are not useful for learning to type through touch.

There are a number of resources available online to support keyboard navigation and typing skills.

  • Fantastic resource that has hundreds of structured activities.
  • Progress is recorded and saved centrally.
  • Instructional videos at the start of key stage.
  • Badges and awards can be earned.
  • FREE During Covid-19 Lockdown
  • Link to Bradford VI Team class:

  • Designed for learners with low vision
  • Can adjust settings to allow for greater levels of contrast, size of text, audio input.
  • Longer tasks that display progress at the end of each stage.
  • FREE
  • Doorway Text Type 3

  • Aimed at younger children or those who may find shorter, colourful activities more engaging.
  • Listen to instructions from Gary the Goat (from Liverpool)
  • Good levels of vision will be required for each activity and/or adult support to read the keys that need to be typed.
  • FREE
  • Dance Mat Typing